Csongrad county section of the National Blue Tour


Csongrád County is affected by sections 3 and 4 of the National Blue Circle that runs around Hungary.

Section 3:

We take a four-day tour starting from the former Petróczi school on the eastern side of Kiskunság, touching numerous smaller and larger settlements (Ruzsa, Zákányszék and Bordány). We get to Sándorfalva and from there we arrive at Mindszent ferry via Ópusztaszer. We cross the Tisza and then finish our tour at the train station in Mindszent. Although we pass through extensive forests, shade-free fields and arable land are typical of this hike. Sandy roads also make it difficult to drive.

Section 4:

Starting from all over, we reach the main road 45 with about 10 kilometers of asphalt surfacing. We take a short detour to the Ludas mound, then head for Ördöngös. Crossing the fields we arrive at Tompahat, then after further fields we arrive at Ótompahat. At Nagymágocs we take a detour to Károlyi Castle, then continue on to Árpádhalom, from where we reach the border of Gádoros on long, shady field roads, then on a narrow asphalt road to Prešov. At the end of the half-day tour we arrive at Szarvas in the fields and on the canal shores and take a look around the city. We arrive to Mezőtúr, the end of our tour, with another dam walk.