Ferenc Takács winemaker


The smallest area of Csongrád district is Hódmezővásárhely, area of Sóshalom. Ferenc Takács wine producer at the highest point of the Vásárhely border (94 m above sea level), on a high humus casting soil, sells 5 hectares of grapes, which he sells directly to consumers after his own processing. The Gamay, Italian Rhiesling, Spicy oy Cserszeg and Gruner Veltliner varieties process traditional and reductive grapes.The wine is made and handled in the center of the vineyard. The goal of the wine farmer is to produce quality wine so that it determines the grape intersection, green work and cultivation, and for this purpose he plans to produce 50-60 hl / ha. Its wines are outstanding in the wine region and national wine competitions, which are characterized by a distinct kind of character and taste. The sale of wines at the site is delivered to the consumers within the framework of the producer wine measurement.