The Branislav Nušić National Library is located in the building of the noble family Maldegxem in Novi Kneževac since 1968.  The National Library building, as well as the park in which it is located, are under the protection of the state.  The library has about 40,000 books in Serbian and Hungarian. Within the library there is the endowment room of our academician Vasilije Krestić PhD, with a collection of scientific papers, predominantly in history. In addition to its core business, the library works on the organization of various cultural events that take place in the library hall, such as: exhibitions of paintings, concerts, literary evenings and talks, chamber and theater performances, etc. As part of the regular events, the library marks the Environmental Protection Day, each year, on June 5th, by calling the competition in Serbian and Hungarian language in the field of ecology, as well as a series of music and poetry events that are held in the park or on the terrace of the library. The Branislav Nušić National Library is the organizer of the festival of chamber music titled The Flower of the Tisa which is held every year, on weekends, from September 10 to 20.  For more than 40 years, the library has been hosting meetings of amateur children's drama groups of the North Banat and Backa.