The museum was founded in 1906 as the Museum of Torontal County, by the decision of the Municipial Committee, and at the initiative of the Cultural Association of the Torontal County. Judging by all the available sources, the Museum started working for the public as late as in 1911.

The Zrenjanin National Museum belongs to the category of museums of a complex type, it is of homeland character with research work covering the area of the middle Banat. This way of organizing the rich cultural heritage of this area in the field of nature, archeology, ethnology, art and history has become a part of the framework of systematic protection and professional work of a specialized institution with experts of all necessary profiles. Within the collections of the five departments of the Museum there are over 33,000 museum items.

The permanent exhibition space of the Museum occupies an area of 1200 m2. On the first floor, visitors have the opportunity to see the arts segment of the permanent exhibition that includes two sub-segments – applied and fine arts. The Sports History Room is also located on the first floor. The part of the permanent exhibition on the second floor of the National Museum covers the Natural History, Archaeological, Historical and Ethnological Departments. The presentation of collections takes place within the permanent exhibition and thematic exhibitions.

At the moment the Zrenjanin National Museum also has three exhibition areas on the ground floor of the building – Salon, Small Salon and Museum Hall, which is adapted to the exhibition space.

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