New Synagogue


With eclectic, Moorish and Art Nouveau elements, 1900-03. Baóthorn Lipót

In 1784, Jews appearing as newcomers to Szeged after the Turkish occupation acquired the right to settle. After rejecting their request to build a synagogue in 1789, they succeeded in their intention in 1803. The building, which soon became scarce, was replaced in 1843 by what is still the "old synagogue", which was expanded in 1879. The congregation, which continued to perform numerically, economically and socially, in 1899 announced a design competition for the construction of a new synagogue, which was won by the Budapest designer of the synagogues of Esztergom and Szolnok. In the creation of the synagogue dr. Löw Immanuel Chief Rabbi. By 1903, one of the most beautiful Jewish temples in Europe was established, which became the main work of Lipót Baumhorn. Miksa Róth designed the glass windows and the glass dome with unparalleled color harmony. The synagogue was renovated between 1979 and 1980.